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Lawrence KS


Hugs and Horseshoes-Lawrence KS

The Enlightened Equestrian Series

Friday May 21 5pm-9pm

Color Therapy-The Human Chakra System-Chakra Yoga

Saturday May 22 10am-3pm

Vibration and Frequency

Sunday May 23 10am-2pm

Muscle Testing-Essential Oils-Herbs-Gemstones

Hosted by Happy Dog Ranch

7811 West Titan Road

Littleton CO 80125

Join us for a weekend of  Equine Enlightenment 

Friday night we will learn about color and the thoughts and feelings it provokes for you. We will take this information to the Human Chakra System as we discuss location, attributes and where you may or may not be stuck in your body. From there will we ease into a guided yoga practice to balance these energy centers and end with a relaxing meditation. This class will enhance your self awareness with your equine companion.  Please bring a chair, yoga mat and ensure you have had a meal before attending. Snacks are absolutely ok during the first part of this class.

We will meet in the great room of the main house.

Saturday we will discuss vibration, frequency and resonance and how this affects you and your equine partner and the relationship within. We will take this teaching to the Equine Chakra System and discover how your energy can improve your partnership and communication with your horse. Please bring a chair, lunch/snacks and plenty of water. We will meet in the indoor arena.

Sunday will be all about listening to the horses and trusting your intuition by learning how to muscle test essential oils, herbs and any other supplement you may want to know about. If you have a pendulum, please bring it as well as a chair, lunch/snacks and plenty of water. We will meet in the small barn.

The combination of all three classes will enlighten you to your state of being in the present and how with continued patience, practice and preparation, you can take this new found sense of self to your equestrian companions.